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Check Out The KaZAM Balance Bike! | Buy Balance Bike Canada


BuyBalanceBike.ca is proud to welcome the KaZAM brand of balance bikes to our store for 2014.

The KaZAM balance bike is unique in that it has a center foot rest. No other brand uses this design, and it works well.

The KaZAM is a pedal-less bike. Children begin by sitting and walking themselves along. After a few hours or days, depending on the child, they will lift up their feet and begin to glide. 

Longer and longer stretches of gliding on the KaZAM balance bike trains their body to balance effortlessly. They put their feet up and coast along. 

This makes the transition to a pedal bike so easy.

Available in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Pink.

KaZAM balance bikes are available with or without brakes in most colors.

Tires are air-filled (pneumatic) and frames are steel.

See all the models available here.

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